Rookie Parents

Rookie Parents – Helpful Tips

Welcome Rookie Parents

We would like to welcome all new parents and students to the Silver Sound Band. Whether you are transitioning from a middle school band program or transferring into May River from elsewhere, entering the May River High School band programs can be intimidating and overwhelming. This is not by design but simply due to the major efforts required to run these band programs. Our goal is to assist you in this transition process with all the dynamic moving parts as the school year progresses.

It’s difficult to explain everything you will need to know on this page alone. The website has been restructured to be friendly, logical and every attempt is being made to have the latest information you need on all your electronic devices.

Here are a few very helpful tips:

  • Your band director and band boosters all always willing and ready to answer any questions you may have, About Us > Contact Us
  • Get Involved! Browse or search our website, attend or visit band practices and talk with other parents, attend band meetings, watch your email and the Band App for volunteer opportunities.
  • Check the Band Events > Calendar to stay on top of upcoming events and mark your calendars now with dates from the 2019-20 Master Calendar.
  • Make sure you are in the May River Band > Charms Band Management system and maintain an accurate profile with email address, phone numbers. Our email communications depends on this system to reach out to the band staff, student and parents with all regular updates.
  • Visit our Band Boosters > Parent Resources page.
  • Like us on the Official May River Silver Sound Facebook page.
  • Parent Resources page – visit today!

Glossary of Terms:

Contact us if you uncover a term or component not listed below that would have been helpful to know.

Band Handbook – The Band Handbook is an all encompassing document from the director outlining band information, procedures, events and policies for the school year.
Band Boosters – The May River Band Boosters support organization consists of an all volunteer army of annually elected board members, committee chairs and parent volunteers that provide a leadership mechanism to support the band programs, directors and students throughout the entire year.
Band Banquet – Occurs every spring in May and is open to all band parents and students, who are in good standing. The banquet tradition is a time to reflect on the season, reward band student achievements, celebrate our outgoing seniors, senior videos, recognize the band staff and band booster board members, announce the upcoming season band section leaders and reveal the upcoming marching season show. Tickets will go on sale in early spring!
Battery – The Marching Band percussion ensemble of Drums including Snare, Quads and Base Drums.
(BOA) Bands of America – Bands of America is a program of Music for All. More than 1 million people are alumni of Bands of America marching band events, the first of which were held in 1976. Bands of America was created in 1976 as “Marching Bands of America” (MBA), renamed Bands of America (BOA) in 1984 and merged with the Music for All Foundation in 2006 to create Music for All. MFA’s marching band events continue to carry the name of “Bands of America.”
CHARMS – System used for email communication & instrument tracking.
Color Guard – Color Guard in the marching band is a non-musical section that provides additional visual aspects and choreography to the performance using dance, flags and props.
Concert Bands I and II – Music curriculum of students who make up the ensemble of two levels of concert bands and music appreciation.
Grand Nationals (aka: Grand Nats) – Bands of America’s National Marching Band Championship held every November in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Harmony – The Harmony program was designed to support Wando Bands music in Charleston County while businesses gain local recognition. Our goal is to support sponsors who support us by driving new business/sales to our sponsors via our direct network of over 2,500 friends and families.
(LCI) Lowcountry Invitational – LCI is run exclusively by the Wando Band Boosters. The purpose is to provide national-level adjudication for all music students who participate. The judges are solicited from among the finest music and visual educators in the country. Directors are able to participate in a post-performance critique that provides immediate and valuable feedback about their ensemble’s performance.
Marching Band – The Marching Band program consists of students in various sections, Drum Majors, Trumpets, Clarinets, Saxophone, Flutes, Low Brass, Horns, Percussion, Color Guard and complete an ensemble performing are various venues e.g. LCI, South Carolina State 5A Championship, Christmas parade and more and runs from early to mid summer through December.
Percussion – In marching band consists of the Pit ensemble and Battery group of instruments generally using sticks, mallets and keyboards
Plume – The delicate removable featured accessory on top of the Shako marching band headgear
Pit – The Marching Band percussion front ensemble of Marimba, Timpani, Keyboards etc.
Smart Music – Music learning software; students will download & use at home to submit assignments to the directors. Subscription is included in students’ fair share.
Pit Crew – All volunteer parents who assist marching band with the loading, transportation, unloading and setup of band equipment Pit Instruments, Show Props and more at all marching events.
Quads – Multi tenor drums commonly as mounted sets of 4-6 drums.
Shako – The marching band uniform headgear (with Plume).
Symphonic Band – Music curriculum of students who make up the ensemble of symphonic instruments and music appreciation.