Rookie Marching Band Info

Rookie Marching Band Info

Welcome to the Silver Sound Band!


Greetings Rising Sharks and Future Shark Parents:

Congratulations! Next fall you’ll become a May River High School Shark or Shark Parent!

Participation in music is a recognized predictor and indicator of student success in and after high school. When you choose to enroll in the bands at May River High School, you will rub elbows on a daily basis with other students passionate about success, both academically and artistically. Simply put, you will be joining a family that values excellence as a standard operating procedure, and that pursues excellence with passion, no matter what the endeavor.

In the last 18 months, the band program has grown over 200% from 23 members to over 75 members. Next year we anticipate the band program to be over 100 members strong, making the May River HS Band the largest organization in the school, and the largest band program Beaufort County has seen in over 20 years. An an average high school with a strong performing arts program, 16% of the student body participates in performing ensembles and almost half of the Top 10% of the graduating seniors participated in one of those ensembles. What does that mean? It means because your student participates in music, they have a much better chance at doing well in school, period. This has been researched over and over, and the results are mind boggling!!!

There is virtually ALWAYS a way to fit band into your schedule, despite what it may look like at first and regardless of what academic track you choose to pursue – standard, Honors, and / or AP. The guidance department at MRHS are the best, and they are very supportive of the band program and the fine arts.

We look forward to having you in the program next year! Please feel free to contact us!

Summer Band Camp began August 17th, 2020. The tentative band camp schedule can be found in more detail on the calendar page.

Band Camp is considered MANDATORY and is REQUIRED FOR PARTICIPATION if a student would like to be eligible for inclusion in the competition show.