February 1st

We are on our way to the beginning of the second semester of school! With that new start, Tuesday and Thursdays will be our concert band rehearsal in order to get ready for our spring performance / CPA recording! Wednesday will be our first in person Winter Guard rehearsal as well!

I am excited to hear the results of the region band auditions! They should be coming out soon. Those who made it to the audition for All State will have those same recordings listened to again this weekend to determine seating for that!

If you have any friends who may be interested in joining the band this next year, please encourage them to do so! We could always start them out on percussion until they learn how to read music, and if they wish to take private lessons may be able to switch to a different instrument later on in their High School Years!

Our musician of the month for the month of February is Devin Fauver. Devin is an amazing Bass Clarinet player who is willing to put in the extra time to transpose other parts that we are missing in the band, conduct the music library inventory, and many more tasks. She has always been a wonderful student and excited to help anyone she is able to. 

Last but not least, once again, please take a look at our fundraisers located on this website ( We won’t be able to make it through next year’s marching season without your assistance in spreading the word about Kroger Rewards, Amazon Smiles, our Coffee Sales, and Scrip! There is even an area to give a donation and become one of our sponsors! 

Thank you all for your great support and have a nice week!

January 25th

I hope everyone has been having a great few weeks back to school since break! It is great to see so many students back in the building! 

Tomorrow is our next Tri-M meeting at 4:30 for those of you who are involved! I hope to see you there! Tuesday is our first rehearsal after school from 4:30 – 6:30 in the cafeteria to get ready for our spring performance / CPA recording! Wednesday, I am hoping to have our first Winter Guard rehearsal. This is dependent on if the contract for the instructor is complete or now! 

As far as the Region Band auditions are concerned, they will be judging the recordings this weekend! I will let you all know the results as soon as I am able!

Again, if any parents have the time and ability to take our website to a more professional level, please reach out to me soon!

Lastly, check out our fundraisers at to see how you can support! 

Thank you all for your time and have a great week!

December 21st


Thank you all for your support with this past Christmas performance! While some students have been getting ready for their region band auditions, others have been working on one of our songs we will be performing at our next concert! 

While we are still uncertain of what the New Year will bring, I am certain that we will be performing again in the spring, either virtual again or in person. Our Winter Guard now has a new instructor. Ms. Merewyn Meadors! I am very excited to have her join our family. Mr. Daniel Williams will also be joining the percussionists and working with them as soon as the contracts are finalized! Just like the year before, we are intending on performing a “Spring Bash” with Winter Guard and Band members performing for everyone as well as the Spring Concert, and the 2 instructors and I are beginning to plan for next year. Please check your Charms emails for upcoming rehearsal dates and times. 

Again, thank you for all of the support you have provide. The students had a great time performing and enjoyed the gift exchange afterwards. I look forward to what the next year will bring!

December 5th


I hope you are all as excited as I am about our concert on Wednesday Dec 9th! It will be shown live at 2:45 on our May River Band Parent Association Facebook page! Please look at your email from Charms for more information. 

Immediately following the performance, we will be having our annual gift exchange for those who volunteered. The students have set up the Christmas tree in the band room in preparation for the festivities.

The day after our performance, the teachers at May River High School will all receive the video via email so that they may play it during lunch on December 10th for their students to enjoy. 

Lastly, our site now has all our fundraisers on-line! You may purchase gift certificates or coffee for Christmas gifts, or help the band with your purchases through Krogers as well! 

Thank you all so much for your support and have a great weekend!

November 22nd


I hope everyone is getting excited about being able to spend time with family and friends during this Thanksgiving week! I know I am thankful for mine (and your) health and overall happiness! Please be reminded that while we all want to gather to celebrate with each other, it is important that we remain safe and socially distanced over the holidays as well.

This morning I sent out to each of the students who are wanting to participate in the Gift Exchange the name of the person that they should be buying for. This is on a voluntary basis, with a gift cap of $15. In the email via Charms later today, I will send out a list of those names of students who are participating. If astudent did not receive the email stating who he or she should be buying a gift for, please let me know right away. Also, if any names are not listed, and you would like to take part, please let me know. Winter Guard will not be participating this year unfortunately, due to the fact that some of them have only just met the new students, etc. 

I have not received any volunteers to take pictures and video for the performance on December 10th. We are hoping to do a live stream, as well as video of the performance to send to all the teachers to show during lunch the week prior to school letting out for Christmas. Our bell covers have come in, so students need to ensure not to lose them (we don’t have extras).  

Have a terrific week, and safe holiday!

November 1st

We are well on our way to being prepared for our first concert of the year, which will be on December 10th, if all goes well! We have quite a bit of work to do though! Please look at the email when it is sent out through charms for the upcoming schedule on Sunday for the updated schedule. Our practice days have changed slightly, and ALL rehearsals are mandatory! 

Our chocolate sales are good only through the end of the month! Please grab a box or two to sell!

The coffee sale is now under way. It would be great if you could all send out the information to at least 2 people. The sale is done completely on-line: no delivery on your part necessary. And who doesn’t enjoy coffee? Complete with the Silver Sound logo on the package, there are so many flavors! They could make great Christmas gifts as well.

It was good to see Aaron Cannick at the school this past week! While I wish all Band members could have been there, it was better that we only had those who attend school on B days.Aaron is recovering well, but is still sensitive to sound after his surgery. You played the perfect dynamics for him at the school on Thursday. Both he and has mom thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Hopefully, I will have pictures next week.

The Musician of the Month for October is Devin Fauver. She has kept her grade in Band at a 100% and is constantly going above and beyond what is being asked of her. She has been working with the leadership, keeping notes of each meeting, kept the music in the library sorted and in the hands of the musicians, and has done a fantastic job as a musician performing on her Bass Clarinet. She even offered to switch to the tuba for us, but remained on bass clarinet so that Jack could move to alto saxophone. 

Once again, thank you all and have a great week!

October 26th

What a great performance from the Band / Color Guard on Friday! Thank you again, to all of the students and parents alike who have worked so hard to put this together at the last minute!

This upcoming week begin CONCERT BAND! I hope everyone will be able to make every practice! Please note that all practices will begin at 5 because we want to be done prior to it getting too dark outside (if the gym is being used, we may have to practice outdoors). Please let me and your section leader know if you are unable to attend for any reason!

Once again, thank you all and have a great week!

October 18th

Thank you again for a great week! I look forward to our last 2 practices for football. 

This upcoming week is our second and final football game (and Homecoming) so let’s make it a great one! We will be going over visuals and fine tuning the rest of the pre-game, so if you are not there at the practices, you will not be participating on the field. Please let your section leader and me know if you are not able to make it to a rehearsal for any reason!

The Homecoming Parade will begin at 6PM on Friday prior to the game at the school. Please check out the email via Charms for all details of that day. We will be in full uniform instead of our polo shirts.

We will be moving straight into Rehearsals for Concert Band, which will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 5 – 7. As of now, we will have to practice outdoors, so we will need to be done prior to when it gets dark. If you are unable to make this time, please let me know IMMEDIATELY!!!

We will also be starting up our Baby Shark nights with the 8thgraders on the 3rd Thursday of each month! Our first one will consist mainly of ice-breakers so that we can all get to know one another. 

Once again, have a great week!

October 10th

What a fantastic job the band did at the game yesterday! Jersey Boys had never been better. From here we just need to focus on more volume!! Be sure to come to our parents meeting on Monday at 6PM via zoom to watch it! The meeting code will be sent out via Charms email. The videos / pictures will also be posted elsewhere soon. 

Congratulations to our Seniors at Seniors Night yesterday! They have shown so much dedication and hard work over the past several years in High School. They were Kaitlyn Nelson, Alexa McHaffie, Annika Hlwa, Venessa Matuzak, Ethan Sotiropoulus, Kylie Wilkin, Michael Montanez, Nick Barry, Matthew Dellinger, and Aarion Ellis. Seniors unable to participate last night were Sean Hamby and David Ford.

Thank you to our volunteers who participated last night! Teri Jobst, Kim Shaunghessy, Liberty Charles, Jim Miller, Wendy Wagner, Richard Wagner, and Mr. and Mrs. Kelsey Weber. Thank you so much for helping out!

There is no game next week, however, the game on the 23rdagainst Hilton Head High School will be homecoming night, so again, we will only be performing during the pre-game. 

Thank you all so much for your dedication and hard work. Have a great rest of the weekend!

October 3rd


Another great week with the band, despite the setbacks. Our musician of the month for September is Aiden Armstrong, our freshman trumpet player! He has done a fantastic job this month, asking for extra lessons from both me and his section leader every chance possible. He has shown drastic improvements since he began this summer!

Our section of the month for September is the clarinet section. They have done great work helping each other out, working together, and getting all their assignments completed on time. They work together and strive to improve each person in the section. 

Our coffee sales will be beginning soon! We will have a flier sent out to everyone as soon as it is available. And the great news is that it is completely on line. I know I personally will be purchasing many bags throughout the year. 

If you wish to sell chocolate and need a box (and are NOT on quarantine presently), please let me know and I can get one to you at your convenience.

The seniors have all received an email asking for information to be sent out for Seniors night! While we were unable to attend yesterday, we will be able to have them walk across the field this Friday. If you have not submitted the form as a Senior, please do so PRIOR to WEDNESDAY! If you do not wish to walk across the field with everyone else, please let me know so I can get the correct number to the athletic director. 

At 8PM on Sunday, I will be sending out the code for Fridays game again. I apologize for those of you who may have purchased tickets last week and your child was not able to attend. I was under the impression that we would not all be quarantined. 

Instead of posting our schedule through the blog, I will be sending it out via email through Charms. This will happen on Sundays at the latest. Please look at that each week for upcoming information. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any point in time! Thank you and have a great rest of the weekend.