November 22nd


I hope everyone is getting excited about being able to spend time with family and friends during this Thanksgiving week! I know I am thankful for mine (and your) health and overall happiness! Please be reminded that while we all want to gather to celebrate with each other, it is important that we remain safe and socially distanced over the holidays as well.

This morning I sent out to each of the students who are wanting to participate in the Gift Exchange the name of the person that they should be buying for. This is on a voluntary basis, with a gift cap of $15. In the email via Charms later today, I will send out a list of those names of students who are participating. If astudent did not receive the email stating who he or she should be buying a gift for, please let me know right away. Also, if any names are not listed, and you would like to take part, please let me know. Winter Guard will not be participating this year unfortunately, due to the fact that some of them have only just met the new students, etc. 

I have not received any volunteers to take pictures and video for the performance on December 10th. We are hoping to do a live stream, as well as video of the performance to send to all the teachers to show during lunch the week prior to school letting out for Christmas. Our bell covers have come in, so students need to ensure not to lose them (we don’t have extras).  

Have a terrific week, and safe holiday!

Author: May River High School Marching Band

May River High School Marching Band

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