November 1st

We are well on our way to being prepared for our first concert of the year, which will be on December 10th, if all goes well! We have quite a bit of work to do though! Please look at the email when it is sent out through charms for the upcoming schedule on Sunday for the updated schedule. Our practice days have changed slightly, and ALL rehearsals are mandatory! 

Our chocolate sales are good only through the end of the month! Please grab a box or two to sell!

The coffee sale is now under way. It would be great if you could all send out the information to at least 2 people. The sale is done completely on-line: no delivery on your part necessary. And who doesn’t enjoy coffee? Complete with the Silver Sound logo on the package, there are so many flavors! They could make great Christmas gifts as well.

It was good to see Aaron Cannick at the school this past week! While I wish all Band members could have been there, it was better that we only had those who attend school on B days.Aaron is recovering well, but is still sensitive to sound after his surgery. You played the perfect dynamics for him at the school on Thursday. Both he and has mom thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Hopefully, I will have pictures next week.

The Musician of the Month for October is Devin Fauver. She has kept her grade in Band at a 100% and is constantly going above and beyond what is being asked of her. She has been working with the leadership, keeping notes of each meeting, kept the music in the library sorted and in the hands of the musicians, and has done a fantastic job as a musician performing on her Bass Clarinet. She even offered to switch to the tuba for us, but remained on bass clarinet so that Jack could move to alto saxophone. 

Once again, thank you all and have a great week!

Author: May River High School Marching Band

May River High School Marching Band

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