October 3rd


Another great week with the band, despite the setbacks. Our musician of the month for September is Aiden Armstrong, our freshman trumpet player! He has done a fantastic job this month, asking for extra lessons from both me and his section leader every chance possible. He has shown drastic improvements since he began this summer!

Our section of the month for September is the clarinet section. They have done great work helping each other out, working together, and getting all their assignments completed on time. They work together and strive to improve each person in the section. 

Our coffee sales will be beginning soon! We will have a flier sent out to everyone as soon as it is available. And the great news is that it is completely on line. I know I personally will be purchasing many bags throughout the year. 

If you wish to sell chocolate and need a box (and are NOT on quarantine presently), please let me know and I can get one to you at your convenience.

The seniors have all received an email asking for information to be sent out for Seniors night! While we were unable to attend yesterday, we will be able to have them walk across the field this Friday. If you have not submitted the form as a Senior, please do so PRIOR to WEDNESDAY! If you do not wish to walk across the field with everyone else, please let me know so I can get the correct number to the athletic director. 

At 8PM on Sunday, I will be sending out the code for Fridays game again. I apologize for those of you who may have purchased tickets last week and your child was not able to attend. I was under the impression that we would not all be quarantined. 

Instead of posting our schedule through the blog, I will be sending it out via email through Charms. This will happen on Sundays at the latest. Please look at that each week for upcoming information. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any point in time! Thank you and have a great rest of the weekend.

Author: May River High School Marching Band

May River High School Marching Band

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